Issue Table of Contents

Volume 2, Issue 2

Securing Drupal Means Securing Your Environment
Robert Hansen
There are several problems with the common security approach of scan, audit and patch. Learn about the drastic security improvements that can be made by hosting your site in a secure environment.
Using Apache and SELinux Together
Daniel Walsh
A practical guide to using SELinux with Apache. How to understand and correct common SELinux access denials.
Practical Website Security
Karoly Negyesi
A practical look at online security: knowing the enemy and understanding you will never be totally safe.
Drupal Security
Greg Knaddison
A categorization system for thinking about your site's security and advice for how to deal with your site based on that categorization.
What's Planned for Drupal 8
Angie Byron
An overview of the major happenings in Drupal 8: what's on the horizon and how to help make these exciting new changes happen faster.
Enterprise Drupal Application Scaling
Michael Cooper
Scaling a central enterprise application: APIs, Service module, memcache, and more that lead to a successful architecture.
Behat and Mink
Melissa Anderson
Using Behat for Behavior Driven Development, efficiently ensuring that sites continue to work as expected after security and module updates.
Large Scale Drupal
Michael E. Meyers
How the Large Scale Drupal strategic alliance is helping large organizations benefit from active collaboration around common problems.
Drupal Functions for Sanitizing User Input
Michael J. Ross
A survey of the many functions available within Drupal for securing websites from possibly dangerous user input.
Designing a Mobile Drupal
Lewis Nyman
The Drupal 8 Mobile Initiative is focused on ensuring that the next major release of Drupal fully supports an ever growing variety of mobile devices.
Daemon and Process Isolation
David Strauss
Protect programs from other programs and users running on the same server. Process isolation is a security requirement which also has performance and cost implications.
Multi-Factor Authentication
Ben Jeavons
Most websites simply depend on a username and password combination to identify their users. Learn how to improve security on your Drupal website by adding additional forms of user validation.
Fired Any Customers Lately?
Ben Finklea
Working with the wrong kind of customers will hurt your business. Learn to recognize these customers and let them go.
Drupal and Secure Single Sign-on
Michael Cooper
Log-in once and access multiple Drupal websites with a single username and password using the Bakery module. How it works, and how to keep the chocolate chip single sign-on cookie secure.
The Angry Themer
Morten DK
How to theme fields and create the perfect design while keeping in mind the importance of semantic markup and accessibility.
Drupal in Context
Tom Geller
Drupal's security advisories fix bad code. But how do you fix bad people? Tom Geller shows how social problems require social solutions — and how purely technological solutions can actually make them worse.
Doug Green
In Doug Green's continuing series on Drupl'Art, this article focuses on relationships in art and object oriented programming.
My Dad, the Drupal Security Expert
J. Ayen Green
J. Ayen Green applies age-old wisdom he first received from his father to Drupal security.